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Our Approach

The RRC views resilience from a socio-ecological approach. Our definition of resilience reflects a more pluralistic understanding of the phenomena; where we cannot only focus on youth themselves, but have to account for the relationships that surround them; the communities in which they find themselves and the resources made available to them there. As well as the larger life worlds that effect the allocation of resources to communities, and the impact of global political economies on the wellbeing of families and communities.

In this way, our understanding of resilience becomes a collective one

Furthermore, we need to consider the interactions between the various players, and the capacity of youth and especially those that surround them, their broader communities, to negotiate for resources.

In this way, our understanding of resilience shifts from a static state to one of processes and flux.

Finally, we need to understand the role of culture and context in these collective processes. Consideration of culture and context raises important questions regarding the appropriateness and relevance of resources, responses and interventions, and perhaps most importantly, in how we define health and doing well.

In this way, our understanding of resilience is ultimately contextually and culturally bound.

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